Established in 2015.

Corlear's located in the heart of East Village was named after the historical and often notorious New York City neighborhood labeled "the Hook". Van Corlaer sold his seventy-six acres of the Lower East Side in the 18th century which would develop into a neighborhood filled with bars and brothels. The hook naturally being the shape of the rivers which tied the once Navy Yard began the term "hookers" from all the prostitution going on in the area. A Native American settlement turned Dutch farm turned shipyard turned gangs of New York styled debauchery led to a forever changing landmark once known as Corlear's Hook.

Corlear's is known in New York City for its wide variety and heavy rotation of Craft Beers on tap and vintage Cocktails. Specializing in a concoction known as a "Jam Session" using English jams and marmalades plays off of the historical way people of the 19th century added flavor to their spirits. The vibe and décor reflect Pre-Prohibition times with effective modern twists and dark corners lit by candle light. With an ambitious quality of spirits and traditional menu that's often found unparalleled will sure to be an unforgettable experience, to say the least.

217 E. 3rd Street



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